• The majority of prostituted persons are under the control of a pimp.
  • Minors who are sold for sex, are by legal definition, sex trafficking victims
  • Anyone, regardless of age who is under the control of a pimp is a sex trafficking victim
  • Pimps use violence, psychological manipulation, and drugs to control their victims and keep them compliant.
  • Pimps are in business because buyers create demand for sex trafficking. When we end demand, we end sex trafficking.
  • Demand for sex trafficking in Kansas City is high. According to a 2013 study, 14.5% of adult men in KC are buyers of sex via internet ads.
    • (Source:Roe-Sepowitz, D., Hickle, K., Gallagher, J., Smith, J., & Hedberg, E. (2013). Invisible offenders: A study estimating online sex customers.)